please note: our prices will increase from 1st of April 2019.


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our free range eggs may be ordered fried, scrambled or poached

gluten free toast R3 per slice

breakfast served ’til 12:00

the small breakfast bite R58

2 free range eggs & mozzarella, grilled cocktail tomatoes, served with a choice of toast

coffee french toast R54

Sliced ciabatta dipped in a milk, vanilla pod, cinnamon & egg mixture, fried in coffee
& sugar butter, served with maple flavoured syrup & coffee cream

the big breakfast bite R83

2 free range eggs, oven baked bacon, beef sausage & grilled tomatoes
served with a choice of toast
– add chilli mince R21

the brekkie burrito R83

2 free range scrambled eggs, white cheddar, chilli mince toasted in a wrap
topped with chunky salsa & homemade guacamole

great ham & egg roll R50

free range scrambled eggs, pan fried ham & white cheddar served on a ciabatta roll

magic mushrooms R47

shamed avocado, grilled mushrooms & grilled cherry tomatoes served on a slice of sourdough toast


our free range omelettes are made with three eggs or egg whites only
served with a choice of toast

basic R59

carne R91

white cheddar, oven baked bacon & grilled cherry tomatoes

vegetarian R80

white cheddar, caramelised onion, baby spinach & grilled cherry tomatoes

bake & shake

freshly baked muffins R28

served with butter & jam

plain croissant R31

served with butter & jam
– add white cheddar R15

scone R29

– add white cheddar R15

good morning brekkie R50

breakfast & regular flat white or americano available monday – friday ‘til 12pm.
variations to the menu items will be charged for

granola breakfast sunday R47

granola, bulgarian yoghurt, fresh seasonal fruit & honey

the mexican stand off R43

one slice of sourdough toast topped with mexican mince & scramble egg

crushed avo goodness R43

smashed avocado served on one slice of sourdough toast & topped with a
sunny side up egg & two slices of raw tomato

brekkie wrap R43

free range scrambled eggs, mozzarella & cocktail tomatoes
– add bacon R22

hot drinks

almond milk substitute R6

espresso R19
americano reg R24 / lrg R26
flat white reg R26 / lrg R30
latté R30
macchiato R21
mocha R34
red cappuccino with honey & cinnamon reg R29 / lrg R32
nomu hot choc sugar free R34
chai latte R32
tea: ceylon / earl grey / rooibos R19
chamomile / green R19

cold drinks

still / sparkling water R19
grapetiser / appletiser R29
lemonade / gingerbeer R31
bos ice tea lemon / berry / peach R29
bos sugar free ice tea R32

freshly squeezed

apple SML: R36 LRG: R46
carrot SML: R31 LRG: R40
orange SML: R35 LRG: R44
add ginger, mint or celery R6

pure juice

apple, tropical or mango SML: R23 LRG: R28
pineapple SML: R25 LRG: R30

super juice

For every “Going Green” super juice you buy at Pulp, we donate a portion of sales of this super juice to Greenpop. So that way, you’re feeding your body & helping the planet in one go!

going green SML: R40 LRG: R54

apple, pear, cucumber, swiss chard, celery & ginger

vegan vampire SML: R40 LRG: R48

carrot, chilli, ginger, beetroot & tomato

the big bang SML: R39 LRG: R46

carrot, orange, cucumber & ginger

liquid sunshine SML: R40 LRG: R49

carrot, grapefruit, orange, lemon & pineapple juice


served from 11 ’til closing

gourmet sandwiches

all gourmet armies are served with potato chips or sweet potato chips
on either health, 60% rye, sourdough or ciabatta
– gluten free bread R3

the gypsy king R79

wholegrain mustard, emmenthal cheese, rocket, tomato, gypsy ham
& topped with tangy dressing

don’t be chicken with the avo R89

greek pesto, tomato, baby spinach, avocado & free range chicken
with yoghurt mayonnaise

bacon & avo open sandwich R87

oven baked bacon & fresh smashed avocado served on toasted health bread
– add feta R13

toasted cheeses

all toasted sandwiches are served with a mix of white cheddar,
emmenthal & mozzarella cheese

deluxe toastie R47

artisan sourdough toastie, cheese mix, paprika & cayenne mix
– add ham or bacon R22
– add tomato R6
– add feta R13

caprese toastie R56

artisan sourdough toastie, cheese mix, greek pesto, basil leaves & tomato

mushroom toastie R65

artisan sourdough toastie, cheese mix, grilled mushrooms & caramilised onion


– add avocado R19

honey mustard chicken salad R54

grilled free range chicken, cos & mixed lettuce, cocktail tomatoes, corn, red onion & honey mustard dressing
– add feta R13
– add crispy bacon pieces R22

we’re a little butternutters R57

roasted butternut, feta, cocktail tomatoes, mixed leaves, cucumber, sundried tomatoes,
rocket & tangy dressing

beetroot salad R53

roasted beetroot, feta, corn, celery, mixed leaves & cocktail tomatoes
– add tuna R19

pesto chicken salad R83

free-range chicken, carrots, cherry tomatoes, greens, rocket, pecorino cheese, peppadews & greek pesto

ain’t no chicken little… more like chicken lot R75

free-range spicy cajun chicken, carrots, cherry tomatoes, greens, rocket, feta & olive oil


pineapple bbq chicken quesadillas R71

grilled free range chicken breast, spring onion, white cheddar, pineapple, jalapeños,
bbq sauce, coriander, brown rice topped with homemade guacamole & chunky salsa

hearty black bean quesadillas R62

black beans, corn, chunky salsa, spring onion, coriander, white cheddar, garlic and taco seasoning topped with homemade guacamole


original or multigrain
gluten free wrap R5

brown rice & black bean R64

brown rice, black beans, lettuce, red onion, tomato, guacamole,
white cheddar & coriander

very very veggie R56

roasted vegetables, hummus, mozzarella, cocktail tomatoes, carrots, toasted
sunflower seeds, greens, grilled mushrooms & olive oil

tuna wrap R68

tuna, corn, feta, spring onion, carrots, cocktail tomatoes, greens & yoghurt mayonnaise

sticky chicken R75

free range chicken breasts, greens, cocktail tomatoes, feta, carrots, avocado & sticky sauce


all Pulp burgers are served with 160g pure beef patty, basting sauce, burger mayonnaise, butter lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion & gherkins served with your choice of
sweet potato fries, potato chips or side salad on a sesame seed kitke roll

bacon & avo burger R93

crispy bacon & fresh avo slices

uber cheese burger R83

white cheddar & mozzarella

crumbed chicken burger R75

free range chicken breast crumbed in coriander, paprika, lemon rind, sesame seeds, breadcrumbs & buttermilk served with white cheddar & jalapeños

super shakes

strawberry stumpie SML: R46 LRG: R55

strawberries, bulgarian yoghurt, apple juice, mint, baobab booster & ice

the green eyed monster SML: R47 LRG: R53

pineapple, banana, swiss chard, ginger, bulgarian yoghurt, milk, lemon
& green superfood booster (wheat grass, barley, spirulina & hemp)

surfer’s corner SML: R53 LRG: R61

coconut milk, mango, banana, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger & chia seeds

under construction SML: R47 LRG: R56

hemp protein powder, blueberries, chia seeds & H20


cool beans SML: R34 LRG: R42

deluxe coffee espresso, milk & marcels vanilla frozen yoghurt

chocolate frost SML: R37 LRG: R46

nomu sugar free powder, banana, milk & marcels vanilla frozen yoghurt

strawberry fields SML: R37 LRG: R46

strawberries, banana, apple juice, & marcels strawberry frozen yoghurt

the peanut gallery SML: R37 LRG: R47

black cat peanut butter, banana, honey, milk & marcels vanilla frozen yoghurt

mango groove SML: R39 LRG: R48

mango, passionfruit, mango juice & marcels mango frozen yoghurt

pukka chai SML: R42 LRG: R50

chai, honey, banana, milk & marcels vanilla frozen yoghurt

ready berry go SML: R40 LRG: R51

blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, apple juice & mixed berry sorbet

luscious lemon SML: R33 LRG: R40

lemon, mint, tropical juice & lemon sorbet


extra green booster R15

– wheat & barley grass, spirulina and hemp seed

extra hemp protein R10

– contains all the 21 known amino acids

extra chia seeds R10

– loaded with fibre, protein, omega-3

extra baobab R14

– 10 x more vitamin C than oranges

beer & cider

jack black pale ale lager (340ml) R30

– full golden colour, medium body with red berry & zesty citrus finish

sxollie cider (330ml) R46

– elgin apples, 100% golden delicious

and union / steh weiss (330ml) R44

– traditional, unfiltered bavarian weiss

stellenbrau lager (330ml) R31

– light golden beer with a rich foamy head & easy drinking character


d aria blush / glass R30

a crisp rose blend of sauvignon blanc and merlot

d’aria music sauvignon blanc / glass R31

a fresh, crisp wine with tropical fruit aromas & flavours with
hints of gooseberries & fig

d’aria music red blend / glass R35

a blend of cabernet sauvignon blanc, merlot & shiraz